Friday, January 2, 2009

Imagined Worlds

just another poem i wrote.
read it slowly. imagine it. feel it. work up ur imagination a bit. it is
written as a narrative. and "YOU" are the central character of this
i almost never wrote it. i never wanted to write such ghoulish things
but then..
i present my creation to u.

Imagined worlds

Can u imagine a desert…
a desert till eternity?
Your feet sore with walking
on the hot painful sand?

And suddenly,
Towers of water approaching,
leaving you no way to escape.
You drown or just about.
Water fills your lungs as you choke.
But a miracle saved you.
You know not how.
Heaving a sigh of relief,
You pick yourself up.
And then you see it dropping...
The nuclear bomb exploded at a mile, and in a microsecond,
your soul stands naked,
your body atomized.
You still see your shadow,
On the wall behind where you stood.

But u want to live again.

You are reborn,
In the womb of a loving mother,
Hearing the sounds of a doting father.
You twist and turn,
soak the love and care,
One day you are released into the world.
You grow under the care,
In this world but you know not where.
And one day you must fly…
The plane is big,
your parents hold you tight.
You look out the window.
The wind beneath your wings,
the rainbow under you,
the sea of white cotton,
the cotton that brings rain,
to a happy farmer.
Life is so beautiful.
But then you see the son of Osama,
sitting in the row beside.
His hands going under his robe…
This time you hear the sound,
And the cries of a thousand people.
Men, women and children.
You wake up and find,
That everyone has died,
But you survived.
Your loving mother, the doting father,
The girl in the seat behind,
shall never again die, perhaps!
But still you survive.
You cry.

Life is a pain. It is hard to earn.
You get up in the morning,
Work till the sun dies.
Money is essential,
the food tastes good.
A holiday is happy.
Your life is choppy.

The vines are old,
the peepal has grown.

Standing on the platform,
You see her on the other side…
The love is mutual.
The train arrives but u decide,
That if she remains there,
when the train leaves,
Then she will be the one.
You would have found,
a friend for life!
So you stand your usual stand.
The train leaves,
with the platform empty.
And there she stands,
The love of your life.

Love is to believe,
And to be believed in.
Love springs life,
And you live another life.
Life is so beautiful.
But then start the riots,
the riots of shame.
The gods shake in fear.
The devil roams the streets.
And you have found as usual,
There shall be no escape.
As you live not, your usual life,
The devil comes,
and knocks on your door.
You cry in silence,
Your loves shake in fear,
but the time has come,
For you to decide.
To let them die in hell,
Or die in your hands,
For die they must.
Sword in hand you kill your love,
Then you kill your another life.
Now, you cry.

Sword in hand you open the door.
You find not one devil but a hundred.
You take down one,
You take down two.
But then a knife pierces through you.
As the knife is in your heart,
The blood spurts out,
first slowly and then fast,
you remember the desert,
you remember the bomb.
Bodies from the aircraft float around.
You remember your mother,
And then the sound.
You remember your love,
standing on the platform.
All in a flash,
they come before your eyes.
In that moment you realize…

Man shall die a horrible death,
Until and unless, he…..
….. Evolves!

As you die,
As your body leaves your soul,
There is a blinding flash.
You wake up in shock.
Out of your imagined world.
And you think,
Was it a myth?
Was it the truth?

hope u enjoyed it.

written on 3rd September 2003

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