Tuesday, October 6, 2009

India is going to lose J&K

India is going to lose J&K

And Arunachal Pradesh.

The Chinese have made that intention clear by issuing stapled Visas to people from these regions prompting authorities to reject their travel in the fear that the Visas were fake. Let there be no mistake of taking this as ample indication of Chinese intentions.

While Arunachal Pradesh is disputed territory and China is in all probability going to bag it, China has already calculated that it will be a war situation in which it would like to win. For that purpose, it will ask Pakistan to occupy the entire J&K, under its auspices.

India is not and will not be prepared to simultaneously win a war with China and Pakistan on the eastern, the northern and the western fronts. And make no mistake, this time the South will not be spared too with attacks coming from Chinese nuclear capable submarines and warships stationed in Vietnam. For the first time in the history of India, the entire sub-continent will be under attack, will suffer, lose and be insulted without heed to caste, creed or religion simultaneously. We Indians for that matter, are quite sweetly engaged in inter-community discrimination at every level of the social and political strata throughout the country and what is “China” anyway!!!

So, what will India do because it knows it will lose the war?
Become an ostrich of course. Put our heads in the sands and pretend there is no enemy.

Well, that is exactly what the Congress has been doing for the past 20 years now. “There are no enemies in our neighbourhood” is what our, the then finance minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, said and cut defence expenditure to the minimum possible. It took a Kargil to realize how miserably our soldiers were sent to their deaths, with no jackets and sometimes even without proper boots. Can you even imagine the pain of walking on ice without boots? Top it up with the enemy firing on you and no scope of turning back. Russian suffering in the war with Germans becomes a mere speck in comparison. We lost more than 500 officer class and nobody counts the jawans.

But will the ostrich attitude help India? Well… it will, if the wolf becomes a sheep by looking at the ostrich.

So, what should we do?

Actually, the question should first be: “What should we “not” do?”.

Firstly, we should not pacify China on every aspect – which is what the current Congress government is doing - just because it is strong, and make the same mistake as the Europeans and the Americans did with Hitler (And China will be worse than Hitler with its nuclear weapons. Hitler didn’t have any!). Our leaders should boldly tell China, that we perceive a threat from them if they don’t mend their ways – which means we will arm ourselves, tooth and nail.

Secondly, in return for Chinese claims on Arunachal and supporting Pakistan in all its nefarious activities, we should not recognize Tibet as a part of China. That single stroke will push the Chinese borders far away from our shores. We should support Tibetan independence movements in Tibet. A bullet for a bullet that is.

Thirdly, we should not slow down our capability to win a nuclear war. That and only that will ensure a friendly China. So if the scientist Santhanam, is saying we are not Thermonuclear capable, we do the extra nuclear tests required to give us that capability and throw the nuclear deal with US in the dustbin, unless of course, the US gives us some of its Thermonuclear weapons to fend off China. Power respects power.

Fourthly, we should consciously try to come out of our sweet inter-community discriminations which is by far the most thought-draining, energy-draining, respect-draining activity that all of us Indians are engaged in today. Today there is a divide between Scheduled Castes and non-Scheduled Castes, Biharis and Marathas, Brahmins and Lingayats, North Indians and South Indians, East Indians and Indians, Hindus and Muslims, Christians and Muslims, Barry muslims with other muslims, Nagas and the Bodos, Maoists and the Marxists, Shias and sunnis, naxalites and the police, people and the corrupt state – you name it and you get it. Working on this foremost internal threat, will make us a better society capable of thwarting any external threat. Be the change you want to see.

Great sages and even Chinese travelers have described India as a land of paradise. We must continue to let it be so by living peacefully ourselves and having the capability to destroy any demon who attempts to destroy our peace.

May God give us sense before it is too late.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The story of Shiva

Shiva is blind. He has also not taken bath for a long time - it seems.

Dirty and disposed, he sits near BEML gate with a aluminium bowl, but his arms are not outstretched asking for alms. Even so, there are a few coins in the bowl - donations from kindly souls. The value of the coins dropped into the bowl, Shiva cannot know, because he has no fingers.

He sits at one place the whole day, never moving from one place. He cannot move because he has no legs - rather legs stricken by polio.

But strangely, Shiva disappears by night.

Shiva is taken to his sisters' home by his brother-in-law where they take the money collected by Shiva and leave him again near BEML gate the next day.

I asked Shiva whether he dislikes his brother-in-law and sister because they take his money. I was surprised to hear a confident "No". He said - "What will I do with the money? - They give me food and a bath every week."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Why you should not vote for the Congress

In 2007, the Govt. of India (Congress as the ruling party) eliminated the benefit of cross-subsidy on Health Insurance. These are the impacts. A 200% rise in insurance costs is the impact. Read on-->

Impact of removal of Insurance Tariffs
• Elimination of tariffs on non-life insurance industry in 2007
results in rise of medial insurance premium in India.
–Medical insurance is no longer cross-subsidized as
of 2007.
– Before was cross-subsidized with coverage like auto, fire,
– Steep increases in Insurance premiums.
• Employers seek cost reduction options as a result of high
medical cost inflation
– Leading to reductions in:
• Dependants coverage
• Sum assured and
• Increases in member contributions

Provider and Insurer issues
• Accelerating hospitalization costs – Room Rent, Surgery
Charges, physician consultation charges, Investigation
Charges, Medicines etc. leading to high claim ratios
• High Claim Ratios directly proportional to premium
• Volatility in Rates between one hospital to another
• In past, price negotiation primarily by cross-subsidizing
Health Insurance through other profitable lines of
• Dependent care is a growing concern

Premium Increase Trend
Year Premium per employee(INR) Increase % from 2005 Base premium
2005 -2006 5109/-
2006-2007 8178/- 60%
2007-2008 10674/- 109%
2008-2009 12280/- 140%
Projected Premium
2009 - 2010 14659/- 187%

The Congress Hand is surely for SLAPPING people.

This is just ONE reason why you should not vote for the Congress.
There are many more. Hope I will be able to find the time to let you know the others.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The beauty of Satyam

A quote from a Satyamite-->

At a time when almost 90% of my Satyam friends are cribbing about the
fraud and betrayal by Ramalinga Raju, I have a slightly different
opinion. It's bold of me to write this in black and white but this
comes straight from my heart and experience.

Let me start by quoting an example of 2006. Most of my friends were
unemployed with 50-60% plus marks in BTech, with a degree from an
average University and hunting madly for a job. Whether people accept
today or not but the truth remains that Satyam was the ONLY saviour
the only mass recruiter who was ready to accept students who had back
logs but had cleared them and also it did not put a very strict
marks criterion. And this was true not only for my small college at
Lucknow but also those across India . Satyam is the fourth largest in
in India. Looking at India's population I really want to thank Raju
giving some 54000 Indians jobs atleast for all these years . He was
reason for the revival of confidence and the reason for the bread and
butter for many a families.

Satyam training was renowned all over India. Their STC training centre
created numerous love stories and unexpected rekindling of a youthful
environment where girls and boys were more indepenent than their
days . I remember most of my Satyam friends felt that they made better
friends at Satyam's three to six months training than those in the
years of BTech.

Unfortunately people forget to thank God in sad times . I understand
that what Raju did is deplorable and unpardonable. He should have
treated business more formally and not dealt with it like a family
affair . He should have been strict a couple of months or years before
itself. Why did he hire so many non potential candidates and keep them
on bench? When were the managers and the team mates last told that if
they dont work hard, they will lose their job? Business cannot be run

I have been staying with some 200 odd girls for the last 2 years and
many of them are from Satyam. Moreover I network a lot and I have lots
of male friends at Satyam . I have seen how people tail gate to
how they give their swipe cards to others to swipe it on their
behalf ,
how female employees have gone home sharp at 6am irrespective of when
they landed at office, how employees sit at home for months at a
stretch, prepare for all kind of post graduate entrance exams and
enjoy a full month's pay, how often they went for movies at local
theatres at office hours, how often employees went to office just to
sign on registers in the morning and at evening, how often they faked
their certificates , how often they put unlimited fake medical and
rental bills.

How can we blame just one man when EACH AND EVERY person was
disloyal ?
How can we exclude Auditors like PwC ? How can we exclude the Board of
Directors who have washed their hands off so clean? How can we exclude
banks who gave hefty loans without true verfication? How can we
exclude the Chief Minister of AP who allowed leniency for Raju's
fellow businessman? How can we exclude managers who were never able to
trace which bench employee under him had been away from office for how

Yet how can people forget this is the same man whose ideas and
potentials gave them an identity for the past several years? How many
couples found the right match at an IT industry , courtesy Satyam and
how many Andhra farmers benefited from their crores of investments in
Satyam shares .How can people forget that Satyam launched its offices
right at the doorsteps of a residential colony, where people can
walk to work ?

The most gruesome experience that I can recollect was when a Satyam
tag wearing person was waiting to attend an interview and I overheard
him saying that he was in a business meeting at the My Home Satyam (
Madhapur) office when he was sitting right infront of me at a totally
different company. When employees themselves show such a lousy
attitude and dont care a damn for the brand that they carry around
their neck, how can they expect others to care?

I am not saying that ALL Satyam employees are bad. I have known very
dedicated people too, but my point is very clear, before pointing
fingers at others, introspect .There are thousands of people who have
completed certifications at the cost of Satyam, got trained at Satyam.
Satyam made several freshers stand on their feet to get better jobs
elsewhere across the globe and attain onsite exposure through Satyam.

What Raju did was to keep the business of Satyam going at any cost. I
see a very smart man in him when he understood that he should rather
accept his mistake than be caught by the USA laws . I see a selfish
father in him too that he put a lot at stake for Maytas. However, he
resigned with a lot of dignity and his letter of resignation shows
humility. It takes a mammoth amount of courage to accept your mistake
in public at a time when the media is ready to blow everything out of
proportion. If humans dont make mistakes who else would ?

My last salute to this man is for creating such mass employment in
for 57k employees and 57k families when even opening a beetle (pan)
shop in a lane in India is a challenge !! Thanks to him for creating
income for all the thousands of families who benefited through food
chains, the tiffin wallahs, the transport people and all those who
made money by renting their houses.

I read he donated Rs 12000 crores from his personal pocket to give the
January salary of his Satyam employees. Today Satyamites call Raju a
FRAUD. The true and loyal Satyamites surely have all the reasons to
this word. But all the rest who sucked every rupee out of Satyam
doing any value addition need to understand - who was a bigger fraud.

Komal Rastogi

Friday, January 9, 2009

Some of my quotes

Only when done should we rest. - 12-March-2001

The work is not complete till it is complete. - 15-Nov-2008

God is Nothing. - 12-July-2008

The beauty of War is only in the Stills. - 2007

From Data comes Information, From Information comes Knowledge, From Knowledge comes Realization. It is the last part that few reach. - 2006

Chinte Beda, Chintana Maadu (Think, not Worry) - 2007

In India, 3 businesses can never fail, unless there is mismanagement, whatever be their scale - medicine(physicians, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals), food (dhabas, restaurants, hotels) and education (training, tuition, schools, universities). - 2006

Government should concern itself with Governance only. - 2008

Our leaders are actually selected by the people who do not vote. If 45% do not vote, what else can one conclude? - 2007

Literacy must not be confused with Education. We have a system of literacy, not education. - 2008

Friday, January 2, 2009

Imagined Worlds

just another poem i wrote.
read it slowly. imagine it. feel it. work up ur imagination a bit. it is
written as a narrative. and "YOU" are the central character of this
i almost never wrote it. i never wanted to write such ghoulish things
but then..
i present my creation to u.

Imagined worlds

Can u imagine a desert…
a desert till eternity?
Your feet sore with walking
on the hot painful sand?

And suddenly,
Towers of water approaching,
leaving you no way to escape.
You drown or just about.
Water fills your lungs as you choke.
But a miracle saved you.
You know not how.
Heaving a sigh of relief,
You pick yourself up.
And then you see it dropping...
The nuclear bomb exploded at a mile, and in a microsecond,
your soul stands naked,
your body atomized.
You still see your shadow,
On the wall behind where you stood.

But u want to live again.

You are reborn,
In the womb of a loving mother,
Hearing the sounds of a doting father.
You twist and turn,
soak the love and care,
One day you are released into the world.
You grow under the care,
In this world but you know not where.
And one day you must fly…
The plane is big,
your parents hold you tight.
You look out the window.
The wind beneath your wings,
the rainbow under you,
the sea of white cotton,
the cotton that brings rain,
to a happy farmer.
Life is so beautiful.
But then you see the son of Osama,
sitting in the row beside.
His hands going under his robe…
This time you hear the sound,
And the cries of a thousand people.
Men, women and children.
You wake up and find,
That everyone has died,
But you survived.
Your loving mother, the doting father,
The girl in the seat behind,
shall never again die, perhaps!
But still you survive.
You cry.

Life is a pain. It is hard to earn.
You get up in the morning,
Work till the sun dies.
Money is essential,
the food tastes good.
A holiday is happy.
Your life is choppy.

The vines are old,
the peepal has grown.

Standing on the platform,
You see her on the other side…
The love is mutual.
The train arrives but u decide,
That if she remains there,
when the train leaves,
Then she will be the one.
You would have found,
a friend for life!
So you stand your usual stand.
The train leaves,
with the platform empty.
And there she stands,
The love of your life.

Love is to believe,
And to be believed in.
Love springs life,
And you live another life.
Life is so beautiful.
But then start the riots,
the riots of shame.
The gods shake in fear.
The devil roams the streets.
And you have found as usual,
There shall be no escape.
As you live not, your usual life,
The devil comes,
and knocks on your door.
You cry in silence,
Your loves shake in fear,
but the time has come,
For you to decide.
To let them die in hell,
Or die in your hands,
For die they must.
Sword in hand you kill your love,
Then you kill your another life.
Now, you cry.

Sword in hand you open the door.
You find not one devil but a hundred.
You take down one,
You take down two.
But then a knife pierces through you.
As the knife is in your heart,
The blood spurts out,
first slowly and then fast,
you remember the desert,
you remember the bomb.
Bodies from the aircraft float around.
You remember your mother,
And then the sound.
You remember your love,
standing on the platform.
All in a flash,
they come before your eyes.
In that moment you realize…

Man shall die a horrible death,
Until and unless, he…..
….. Evolves!

As you die,
As your body leaves your soul,
There is a blinding flash.
You wake up in shock.
Out of your imagined world.
And you think,
Was it a myth?
Was it the truth?

hope u enjoyed it.

written on 3rd September 2003