Monday, December 22, 2008

End of the Department of Atomic Energy

The Nuclear Deal is all about money and not about National Security at all.
Otherwise, how does one explain the discussions only about National Security
"before" it was passed in Parliament (by dubious means) and the discussions only
about business "after" it was passed?

Till now politicians and bureaucracy were minting black money from gas-based
power plants and the construction of dams by awarding it to the company that
paid the most bribes. Dabhol is a case in point. Now, atomic energy is added to
the list. Farmers will lose more land. The ones who retain their land will have
no power as all the power will be diverted to the industral hubs. After all who
requires more food? I am already fat. eh!

Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) will now be sidelined and our nuclear
scientists ("Great" till now) will be made out to be fools as time passes.
Thanks to Anil Kakodkar for fooling the nation and his own clan.

DAE will lose its sheen as the scientists and engineers will be lured to private
companies with high pay packets. DAE will meet the fate of DRDO in this respect.
Our famed ultra-efficient nuclear fuel cycle, which Kakodkar explained in his
many interviews, will be killed to make way for wasteful fuel cycle reactors,
because the more you waste the more energy you need, the more energy you need
the more developed you are as a nation, the more developed you are the more
money you spend (paying your electricity bills of course). India will lose its
nuclear experts and hence the nuclear capability to make bombs to protect

India will then become a playground for US interests, the French interests, the
Russian interests, the Chinese interests, the Iranian interests, except its own
interest of course!

India as a single political entity will cease to exist in 50-100 years. And I
think we bloody Indians never deserved to be independent in the first place.
Serves us right.
And I must enjoy my life as I am living in the best of times. Perhaps. Who cares
about children today anyway?

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