Friday, January 9, 2009

Some of my quotes

Only when done should we rest. - 12-March-2001

The work is not complete till it is complete. - 15-Nov-2008

God is Nothing. - 12-July-2008

The beauty of War is only in the Stills. - 2007

From Data comes Information, From Information comes Knowledge, From Knowledge comes Realization. It is the last part that few reach. - 2006

Chinte Beda, Chintana Maadu (Think, not Worry) - 2007

In India, 3 businesses can never fail, unless there is mismanagement, whatever be their scale - medicine(physicians, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals), food (dhabas, restaurants, hotels) and education (training, tuition, schools, universities). - 2006

Government should concern itself with Governance only. - 2008

Our leaders are actually selected by the people who do not vote. If 45% do not vote, what else can one conclude? - 2007

Literacy must not be confused with Education. We have a system of literacy, not education. - 2008

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Amari said...

Wowwwww!!!! Now do I see you as a future Socrates :-). One-liners are so important, especially when you have a situation to salvage! One can get away with a solid one-liner! It also becomes important when your wit skills are on display. Keep it up! Way to go :-)