Friday, July 15, 2011

Fending off China

India is going to lose J&K, and Arunachal Pradesh.

The Chinese have made that intention clear by issuing stapled Visas to people from these regions prompting authorities to reject their travel in the fear that the Visas were fake. Let there be no mistake of taking this as ample indication of Chinese intentions.

While Arunachal Pradesh is disputed territory and China is in all probability going to bag it, China has already calculated that it will be a war situation in which it would like to win. For that purpose, it will ask Pakistan to occupy the entire J&K, under its auspices.

India is not and will not be prepared to simultaneously win a war with China and Pakistan on the eastern, the northern and the western fronts. And make no mistake, this time the South will not be spared too with attacks coming from Chinese nuclear capable submarines and warships stationed in Vietnam. For the first time in the history of India, the entire sub-continent will be under attack, will suffer, lose and be insulted without heed to caste, creed or religion simultaneously. We Indians for that matter, are quite sweetly engaged in inter-community discrimination at every level of the social and political strata throughout the country and what is “China” anyway!!!

So, what will India do because it knows it will lose the war?
Become an ostrich of course. Put our heads in the sands and pretend there is no enemy.

Well, that is exactly what the Congress has been doing for the past 20 years now. “There are no enemies in our neighbourhood” is what our, the then finance minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, said and cut defence expenditure to the minimum possible. It took a Kargil to realize how miserably our soldiers were sent to their deaths, with no jackets and sometimes even without proper boots. Can you even imagine the pain of walking on ice without boots? Top it up with the enemy firing on you and no scope of turning back. Russian suffering in the war with Germans becomes a mere speck in comparison. We lost more than 500 officer class and nobody counts the jawans. And of course, the blame was on the then government in power. Congress successfully just washed its hands off.

But will the ostrich attitude help India? Well… it will, if the wolf becomes a sheep by looking at the ostrich.

So, what should we do?

Actually, the question should first be: “What should we “not” do?”.

Firstly, we should not pacify China on every aspect – which is what the current Congress government is doing - just because it is strong, and make the same mistake as the Europeans and the Americans did with Hitler (And China will be worse than Hitler with its nuclear weapons. Hitler didn’t have any!). Our leaders should boldly tell China, that we perceive a threat from them if they don’t mend their ways – which means we will arm ourselves, tooth and nail.

Secondly, in return for Chinese claims on Arunachal and supporting Pakistan in all its nefarious activities, we should not recognize Tibet as a part of China. That single stroke will push the Chinese borders far away from our shores. We should support Tibetan independence movements in Tibet. A bullet for a bullet that is.

Thirdly, we should not slow down our capability to win a nuclear war. That and only that will ensure a friendly China. So if the scientist Santhanam, is saying we are not Thermonuclear capable, we do the extra nuclear tests required to give us that capability and throw the nuclear deal with US in the dustbin, unless of course, the US gives us some of its Thermonuclear weapons to fend off China. Power respects power.

Fourthly, we should consciously try to come out of our sweet inter-community discriminations which is by far the most thought-draining, energy-draining, respect-draining activity that all of us Indians are engaged in today. Today there is a divide between Scheduled Castes and non-Scheduled Castes, Biharis and Marathas, Brahmins and Lingayats, North Indians and South Indians, East Indians and Main-land Indians, Hindus and Muslims, Christians and Muslims, Barry muslims with other muslims, Nagas and the Bodos, Maoists and the Marxists, Shias and sunnis, naxalites and the police, people and the corrupt state – you name it and you get it. The divisions are so deep and so many that a neighbour is not bothered about a neighbour. Working on this foremost internal threat, will make us a better society capable of thwarting any external threat. Be the change you want to see.

Great sages and even Chinese travelers have described India as a land of paradise. We must continue to let it be so by living peacefully ourselves and having the capability to destroy any demon who attempts to destroy our peace.

May God give us sense before it is too late.